What is a MIAMS appointment?

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Family mediation is very much a two stage process.:-

Stage one – assessment stage or MIAMS appointment

Stage two – Joint sessions

A MIAMS appointment is an appointment with an accredited family mediator. You and your ex-partner or other party to the process attend these appointments separately. The purpose of the MIAMS appointment is as follows:-

  • Find out what the issues are which need resolution
  • Discuss the background circumstances
  • Look at safety issues and other issues, if any, which may make mediation as a process unsuitable
  • Discuss the principles of family mediation
  • Find out about other forums of dispute resolution for example Collaborative law/arbitration
  • Look at whether any funding is available under the Legal Aid guidelines to assist you to pay for sessions

The MIAMS appointment tends to take 45-60 minutes.

If mediation is not to proceed then the accredited mediator will supply you with the relevant Court form if you intend to make an application to Court.  Unless exceptional circumstances apply then you need to attend an appointment with an accredited family mediation prior to making an application to Court for issues concerning your children and/or financial matters.

It is important to bear in mind that mediation can be used at any stage of dispute resolution be that prior to, during or at any point after a Court order has been made.

If mediation is to proceed then you will be invited to attend a joint session with the other party and our accredited mediator. In order for mediation to proceed to a joint session then the two of you need to be willing to engage in the process and our accredited mediator needs to assess the process as suitable.

Mediation is a constructive, pragmatic and cost- effective method of resolving legal disputes upon separation to enable you to move forward.

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