The Ugly Consequences of the Beautiful Game

Sally Clark Blog

England’s journey to the final of the European Championship was a triumph that unfortunately ended in disappointment for the nation. As a football-mad nation, it may surprise many that the winning or losing of a football team can cause utter terror for some partners. A 2018 study by the National Centre for Domestic Violence found that domestic violence increases by 26% when England play, no matter what the outcome of the game. When England lose, this percentage increases to 38%. The double-whammy of football and the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions have created an unbearable home environment for many – so how can we help if you are a victim of domestic violence, male or female?

Firstly, you may wish to check if you are eligible for Legal Aid, which requires evidence of domestic abuse and evidence of your financial situation – eligibility can be checked here . Please note we cannot assist with any legally aided matters, the Legal Aid Agency will signpost you to qualifying providers.

If you are not eligible, we can assist you via the Civil Courts by obtaining orders to protect you and / or your children under the Family Law Act 1996.

A non-molestation order protects you from violence or other forms of abuse by a person with whom you are “associated”. There are 8 different classes of associated persons, including married / divorced couples, cohabitees, civil partners, or close relatives. Anyone who breaches the terms of a non-molestation order, and who is aware of the existence of the order against them, commits a criminal offence.

An occupation order can also be obtained. These orders exist in various forms, and the type of order available will depend on your eligibility, the relationship between you and the other party, and the status / ownership of the family home / property. An occupation order can, for example, require the other party to leave the family home.

If you feel that we might be able to help you and would like a free, confidential, consultation please contact our Harrogate office on 01423 637 272 or Liversedge office on 01274 861 096 to arrange an appointment at a time convenient for you.