The decline of Civil Partnerships…

Isabella Blog

This week ONS published statistics which revealed that in 2021, there were approximately 20% less civil partnerships formed than in 2020.

Whilst civil partnerships were previously only available to same-sex couples, since December 2019, they have also been available to opposite- sex couples. In actual fact, rather interestingly, the majority of civil partnerships formed in 2021 were between opposite-sex couples.

Additionally, the introduction of same-sex marriage in 2013 may have contributed to the decrease in same-sex civil partnerships.

In effect, marriage and civil partnership are identical from a legal point of view. Indeed, spouses/civil partners have the same rights and obligations and the same financial remedies are available to them upon divorce/dissolution. This therefore raises the question of whether couples will continue to enter into civil partnerships moving forwards, or whether we will see a further decline.

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