Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse takes many forms. It can be when one person behaves in threatening or intimidating way, or when that person is physically violent or emotionally, sexually or financially abusive, to their spouse, partner, ex partner or family member.

Domestic Abuse Solicitors

Whatever your sex, race or sexual orientation, domestic abuse is not acceptable. Here at Barnes Clark Family Law we are committed to ensuring that no-one should suffer in silence.

Completely Confidential Domestic Abuse Service

We offer a completely confidential service and can help you to protect yourself, your children or family members or your home.

There are ways out of your current situation. Please feel able to discuss your case with us both in, and with, confidence, to know there is something you can do to get out of the situation and ensure you are properly protected.

Domestic Abuse Legal Advice

There are a number of legal options available to you. These include injunctions to prevent that other person using or threatening physical violence towards you (or your children), intimidating you (whether physically or psychologically) and also to prevent that person coming near or into your home or to another place where you might be on a regular basis, for example schools or work.

Domestic Violence

We also understand that the perpetrators of domestic violence can often be very clever and convince you that you are to blame, or that their behaviour is normal. Domestic violence of any kind is however not either your fault, nor is normal acceptable behaviour.

We work closely with local and national agencies who can offer further support and guidance.

Please feel confident to know that taking that first step to stand up against domestic violence will be taken in complete confidence.

For further information please contact To make an appointment please contact 01274 861 096 (Liversedge) or 01423 637 272 (Harrogate).


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