Separation & Christmas Arrangements

Isabella Blog

With Christmas just around the corner, it is worrying time for divorcing and separated couples.

When sorting out arrangements for children if possible try to plan early, keep things as simple as possible and focus upon your children’s feelings and what is important to them over the festive period. Whilst emotionally things may be very difficult try to communicate with the other parent so that your children can enjoy quality time with each of you in a way that is fair to everyone. Think about who your children like to see over the festive period and try to factor this into your plans where possible. If you are planning to have some time together then try to agree some boundaries and avoid situations where you know there may be issues. For example perhaps agree a time period for the meeting and agree to avoid certain topics of conversation.

If on the other hand you are looking at separate arrangements then try to agree time for the children to have a special day/time with each of you. If there are safety issues and/or you are worried about conflict at hand overs then consider asking a third party to be there for support.

It maybe that you are feeling sad and hurt that you cannot enjoy your previous family traditional arrangements in full. However this could be an opportunity to establish new traditions and routines so that your children can feel happy and excited rather than worrying about the situation and not feeling able to enjoy themselves.

In terms of finances try not to compete with the other parent where presents are concerned and try to communicate in terms of purchasing of gifts where possible.

If you are struggling financially and find that the other parent is unwilling to assist but you know financially that they could afford to do so then seek specialist legal advice about the options available moving forward.

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