New Year – New Start

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Many couples that are wishing to separate often agree to separate after the Christmas period.

Going into the New Year a fresh start may be wanted by many.

With the new “No Blame” divorce procedure, this has become more straight forward and with parties not having to cite the other’s behaviour, this may help when you are feeling apprehensive about the starting the procedure.

Once divorce proceedings are issued and acknowledged by the other party there is a 20 week period until the Conditional Order (previously known as the Decree Nisi) can be applied for.  Going through the divorce process changes your legal status. However it is also very important to resolve financial issues following the breakdown of your marriage.

The Court can make a Financial Order from the date of your Conditional Order. It is therefore a good idea to start the negotiation process as soon as possible.  The starting point when looking at financial issues is the exchange of financial information so that you are each fully aware of what your financial position is and to enable you to consider and take advice as to an appropriate financial settlement.

There are a number of options and processes available to help you reach agreement. Family mediation is one process which is cost effective and can help you explore and reach an agreement in a timely manner.  We can help you and advise you alongside the process or it may be that is more appropriate for negotiations to take place between solicitors.

If it is not possible to reach an agreement or there are urgent/complicated issues then it may be appropriate to issue an application to Court for financial remedy and/or consider family arbitration. We can help you at every stage and work with you in whatever process is most suitable for your situation.

In addition to the finances during this period, it would be the best time to try and agree arrangements for the children. Mediation is available for arrangements for the children as is an application to Court should it become necessary.

It is always best to seek legal advice as to your options and the best way forward for you.  We are experts in what we do and we pride ourselves in providing a personal approach which is cost proportionate to the issues involved.

We offer a free half hour consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01274 861096 (Liversedge Office) or 01423 637272 (Harrogate Office) if you think we may be able to help.