New Mediation Voucher Scheme

Sally Clark Blog

The Government has made an announcement today of a £1m investment in family mediation.

The scheme is specifically designed to support families in resolving issues relating to children outside of the Court arena.

The Ministry of Justice will provide contributions of up to £500 per family, to resolve issues relating to children following parental separation. The aim is that the fund will make mediation a more affordable option for at least 2000 families.

The funding will apply to joint sessions of mediation, not MIAMS appointments and will be reserved to cases whether there are private law issues regarding a child i.e where a child will live, where a child will spend time or specific issues such as schooling and other such private law applications.

The financial benefits available are £500 per mediation and a family can claim on voucher during the life cycle of the scheme.

The scheme is separate from any Legal Aid mediation.

This last 12 months has been a torrid time for many families and this scheme will hopefully help many families take positive steps towards making child focused decisions for their family going forward.

We are really excited about this initiative and will be signing up to take part. The scheme opens from 1st April 2021. For further information please contact us now at or 01423 637272 / 01274 861096.