Media Access to Courts and Tribunals

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Media Access to Courts and Tribunals

 A new scheme has recently come into force, allowing the media access to Court and Tribunals with one of those being the Family Courts.

Accredited media representatives have a presumptive right to attend most family court hearings and most family proceedings in the High Court.

The reporting pilot will be present in Leeds, Carlisle and Cardiff Courts in a bid to ensure transparency of the judiciary’s ongoing work in the Family Court.

Hearings which are not open to members of the media are as follows:

  1. Hearings conducted for the purpose of judicially assisted conciliation or negotiation, such as Financial Dispute Resolution Hearings;
  2. Hearings in applications for adoption, placement and related proceedings;
  3. Hearings in proceedings for parental orders under the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008;
  4. Hearings where the judge decides that members of the media should be excluded from the entire proceedings or for that particular hearing.

All other hearings, including those to be heard in private, are open to members of the media, however they are not entitled to report more than limited details about the case, particularly if the proceedings concern children and/or are held in private.

Although it is unlikely our client’s will be subject to this, as any court proceedings we may assist you with will be heard in private, it is something to be aware of if you were to enter into court proceedings.

If you have found yourself a party to family court proceedings, please contact our office on 01274 861096 or 01423 637272, for your free half an hour consultation to discuss how we can assist you.