How will I pay the bills if my partner moves out?

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When a partner or spouse moves out, one of your big worries will be how you are going to make ends meet, both in the immediate aftermath and in the longer term. This can be a particular concern if you have never been involved in paying the bills because you might not have any idea how much money you are going to need to get by each month.

If you are married, both sides are required by law to provide “full and frank” financial disclosure. This means each spouse is entitled to know exactly what money is held jointly and individually by both parties in terms of assets, pensions, business, property and other investments.

Financial uncertainty can be very frightening and there may be extra pressure on the family finances if your partner is now paying rent on a second property. You may be afraid to broach the subject and attempts to do so could be met with hostility or secrecy.

When clients come to see us in this situation, we help them negotiate with their partner and exchange financial information. We can also help them work out exactly how much money they need for everyday expenses such as food, car maintenance, school trips, mortgage payments, household repairs, children’s extra-curricular activities and bills such as insurance and utilities.

Not only is it reassuring to know exactly where you stand financially, these calculations can be used to negotiate interim financial payments which can help you get by until a financial settlement is agreed.

In an ideal world, you and your partner will sit down and work out your finances together. If this isn’t possible, family mediation could be an option.

Accredited family mediators are specially trained to support couples during difficult conversations, particularly those involving money and children. At Clark Family Law we offer accredited family mediation where our specially trained mediators help you both to focus on resolving issues such as interim financial arrangements.

During the sessions, the family mediator will facilitate discussions so that you can reach an agreement about how best to meet the costs of day to day living. Initial conversations about paying the bills will set the scene for negotiations about splitting your assets and finances in the longer term and are likely to cover some of the same ground, hopefully making it easier to reach a financial settlement.

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