How a prenup can encourage openness and bring couples closer

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As mediation experts we are unsurprisingly big fans of the prenuptial agreement. We believe strongly that open communication is key to a healthy relationship and resolving conflict.

Here are a few reasons why we believe prenups are an important step for couples embarking on a life together.

Couples who choose to draw up a prenup before tying the knot (or a post-nup at a later stage) are actively demonstrating a willingness to share everything with their partner. This sets the foundations for a strong relationship based on trust.

All relationships experience conflict at some time or another and families naturally undergo periods of stress. By learning how to share your different perspectives, get your feelings out in the open and reach a compromise you are showing that you are ready to work at your relationship.

Marriage is a partnership and families are all about teamwork. We find that couples who understand this basic principle fare much better and even if they do end up going their separate ways, they have a depth of trust and understanding that enables them to resolve issues collaboratively or through mediation. This is hugely important for couples with children because it makes it easier for them to take a step back and consider the needs of everyone in the family rather than just themselves.

Money can be an extremely divisive issue that frequently causes arguments during a marriage as well as at separation and divorce. A prenup is a chance to look objectively at your financial and business interests at the start of your relationship, discuss any concerns you may have and clarify your feelings about each other’s wealth and possessions. Talking about finances can bring out any negative attitudes about money and spending habits so that they can be dealt with early on.

Couples often avoid the topic of prenups because they think it means they are acknowledging that their relationship will fail. It is often easier to think of it in terms of insurance, as a safeguard that will simplify things if the marriage does break down and reduce the costs and tensions associated with a prolonged divorce battle.

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