Good Divorce Week

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Good Divorce Week is a campaign by Resolution, which is running from 28th November 2022 – 2nd December 2022.

As a member of Resolution, we are strong supporters of this campaign and what it stands for.

The aim of this campaign is to highlight how overstretched the Family Courts currently are due to dealing with huge backlogs and to raise awareness of the different ways families can look to resolve their disputes without involving the Court.

Despite the Court’s best efforts, they are still overstretched in dealing with both listings and administrative tasks, which means long waiting periods for people dealing with their finances and children arrangements through the Courts.

With divorces on the increase again with the most recent statistics showing 113,000 divorces in 2021 – up nearly 10% on the previous year –the impact on wait times is severe. On average it now takes 52 weeks to conclude divorce proceedings and it does not seem likely that this situation will improve any time soon.

Resolution recently surveyed its members on the current court backlogs and found:

  • 20% said court delays caused clients to rely on benefits
  • 34% said they’d referred a client to a counsellor or therapist to help them cope with the stress of ongoing court delays
  • 90% said court backlogs were causing additional and unnecessary stress and pressure for clients

If you are going through the process of separation, seeking legal advice early is extremely important to help you understand all the routes available to you to resolve your family issues.

As a member of Resolution, we promote a non-confrontational approach to resolving family issues and we also offer a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your circumstances and how we can help you to resolve your family issues.

For more information, please call 01274 861096 or 01423 637272.