Divorce & Finances: We have agreed finances between us – why do I need a Court Order?

Sally Clark Blog

During divorce proceedings, it is important to deal with financial matters that are ancillary to your divorce, such as distributing property, savings, etc… Trying to come to an agreement regarding finances can be a source of conflict for some parties, but for others it may be very amicable and be easy to do.

Where agreements have been reached between you even without the help of solicitors or financial disclosure, we would strongly advise you to incorporate any agreement into a court order – known as a ‘consent order’. If you do not, your agreement is not legally binding and either party could go back on the terms agreed.

As well as this, if an order is not made then either party can make claims against the other into the future even after the divorce has been finalised.

Divorce proceedings change your legal status. The process itself does not deal with your financial ties and it is imperative that these are dealt with properly.

At Barnes Clark Family Law, we can provide expert and up to date advice regarding finances, assisting you in coming to an agreement or preparing the necessary documentation if an agreement has already been reached between you.

We also provide a mediation service. Sally Clark, our accredited mediator can help you to reach to an agreement with your spouse in a cost effective and timely way.

Our focus is to help you obtain the best outcome for you so that you can move forward safe in the knowledge that all legal claims have been dealt with. Whether it is mediation, negotiation or litigation we work with you to help you to achieve your goals.

For further information, or to arrange an appointment please contact us on 01274 861096 (Liversedge) or 01423 637272 (Harrogate) or email enquiries@barnesclarkfamily.law. Please note that we offer a free half an hour consultation.