Back to School Issues – What Can You Do?

Sally Clark Blog

We understand that during lockdown, for many, this has brought on a change in contact arrangements to facilitate additional childcare, working from home etc.

With children heading back to school next week, questions may arise. What happens now with contact arrangements, do they go back to how there were? Do they remain as changed? Does anything else need to be considered?

Where discussions are to take place about future contact arrangements, both parents need to ensure that any conversation remains child focused and any decisions made are done so because they are in the children’s best interests.

If you are struggling to come to an agreement, perhaps consider looking at drawing up a parenting plan, to see if this can assist. Cafcass have an example parenting plan here.

Writing a parenting plan involves parents working together to come to an agreement and encourages parents to focus on matters that need to be discussed regarding children. They are designed to put your children’s best interests at the forefront and encourage you to think about their needs at every stage.

If you are unable to discuss matters between you, mediation should be considered. This involves both parties, with the assistance of a family mediator, having discussions regarding the children and trying come to an agreement together regarding child arrangements. Mediation will have a child focused approach and is often very successful in enabling parties to resolve their issues.

At Barnes Clark Family Law, we offer an accredited mediation service. For more information on how we can help, please click here.

If you feel unable to discuss matters between each other or through mediation, one of our solicitors can also assist you in trying to reach an agreement with your former partner. We would strongly suggest that you seek legal advice if any issues arise which you are unable to resolve yourselves. Our solicitors specialise in dealing with child arrangements and will ensure that any unnecessary conflict is avoided.

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