Agreed to tie the knot on Valentines day – how to protect your future….

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If you have recently got engaged and romance is in the air you may be excitedly planning your wedding and your future together. Wedding planning can be all consuming and a very expensive affair. Getting married is a bit step. You may have already purchased a property together. You may or may not have business interests and monies possibly gifted to you or loaned to you by relatives to help with housing or the setting up of a business.

If you have a home then we imagine that you have insurance on your home and insurance on your car. In fact the latter is a legal requirement. We believe it is important to seriously consider insuring your relationship. The way to do this is to enter into a pre-nuptial agreement. Such an agreement provides protection to you and to your intended in the event of a future breakdown of your relationship.

Pre-nuptial agreements are not the most romantic notion. However there are many positives and they can provide a safeguard and certainty in the event of future and often unwanted uncertainty. Some of positives are as follows:–

  • They help provide certainly and can prevent acrimony in the future
  • Both of you know where you stand
  • Family members who have or who may gift money / assets have comfort

Pre-nuptial agreements are not set in stone forever and it is important that they are reviewed on the occurrence of the following events:-

  • The birth / adoption of children
  • The passage of time e.g 5 or 10 years
  • If either of you had a major change in circumstances

It is also important that you each have independent legal advice prior to entering into an agreement.

Our job is to help to protect your financial future. As experienced mediators and negotiators we are known for our personal approach and we can help you to negotiate and enter into such an agreement in a collaborative and sensitive manner.

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