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“Thank you for your letter and in particular your hard work, guidance and understanding. A very bizarre period of my life which you certainly helped me navigate! NOT to be repeated (don't laugh)! A huge thank you to your team, particularly Sara who I couldn't have done without either! Many many thanks again and hope to see you soon, NOT professionally!!!”

"Overall an excellent service. Sally Clark always strives to achieve the best outcome for her clients. I would not hesitate to work with Barnes Clark in the future."

“Please pass on my gratitude to Sally for the mediation she carried out between myself and Chris. Her professionalism really helped us to focus and find solutions to an unpleasant situation. I have found you and Sally to be helpful and accommodating, especially with my moving around as I do.”

“Any client of this firm starts with a clear advantage in the form of Alison Barnes, who has a thorough grasp, not only of the law, but of its practical impact. All advice was clear, realistic and followed through in a pragmatic and logical way. It has been a privilege.”

“Alison, you and your team provided a very personable service and great support; providing sound advice and professional guidance to work through the various problems encountered during a divorce.”

“Alison – I know you are running a business & ultimately want to make money (as do we all!) but you made a very difficult situation bearable and helped me so much. I really can’t thank you enough for everything you have done.”

"Sally provides expert advice to ensure each case is managed to achieve the most positive outcomes and her approach is unrivalled. Her client’s needs serve as the driver and she is efficient, direct and tough. Sally collaborates with her clients to develop relevant and achievable objectives; enabling positive results. I would actively encourage those who need a family solicitor or mediator to make contact. There is no doubt in my mind that she will deliver to positive effect; Sally is excellent!"

“Very professional service, with the added bonus of wonderful, caring people, and treated with understanding and respect. Thank you.”

“Thanks Lez, and thank you to you all for your amazing help. You made a really difficult and stressful time less painful than I imagined it to be. Alison I appreciate everything you did, thank you.”

“I do not think that there is any way to improve your service. Extremely professional, welcoming and made me feel extremely at ease. Thank you for everything.”

“Overall been very helpful towards me, and supportive too. Couldn’t have been any better. Thank you to all the staff.”

“The service was excellent. The straightforward advice enabled me to make effective decisions and choose a strategy that resulted in an outcome that could have been far more painful.”

“You made a hard situation much easier. Your guidance was so helpful. Thank you.”

“Thank you so much for making this experience so bearable. You all were so helpful and willing to help out with any queries I had.”

“Excellent support, advice and communication every member of staff was polite, friendly and helpful. Divorce is traumatic, but helped by the support and guidance offered. I would definitely recommend you to anyone in my situation.”

“I was always made to feel very welcome and never felt embarrassed even though I was very emotional on a few occasions. The offices are comfortable and employees are helpful and sympathetic. I had a limited budget and felt this was always taken into account and as a result I feel the divorce cost me the minimum possible and I’m very grateful for that. I would definitely recommend your services, thank you.”

I was represented by Alison Barnes for my divorce and financial settlement.

"I am a serving Police officer, as was my now retired ex-husband. I would, and have already, highly recommend Alison for the following reasons:

  •  From the outset it was clear that Alison is an experienced Solicitor and has attended Court on many occasions ; Alison is able to provide relevant advice not theoretical
  •  Alison quickly grasped what the issues were and provided clear, impartial advice outlining what my options were and the cost implications.
  •  Alison is capable of explaining your situation using ‘common’ language without the unnecessary use of ‘legal jargon’. I understood exactly what she was saying and we were able to have a laugh when required which lightened many of our conversations. The letters she then drafted up were very professional and clear, leaving no room for ‘misunderstanding’ or ‘omission’. The correspondence covered all basis and often reduced the need for a subsequent letter seeking clarification.
  •  I particularly liked the way that Alison is more than happy to discuss concerns / issues via email and telephone and only suggested meeting in person when it was actually necessary; this avoided my costs escalating and I noted that conversations we had which were ‘light and chatty’ were not charged for the actual length of the entire conversation.
  •  Alison is extremely clear and direct if you wish to go in a direction which is likely to be costly and unproductive. I queried many possibilities with her and she was able to provide expert advice and would tell me if I was ‘flogging a dead horse’.
  •  Alison’s fees were extremely reasonable. I have compared my case with friends/ colleagues in a similar situation and realise that I was extremely lucky to find Alison.
  •  Alison has a good grasp of the Police pension system and when confronted with issues she was not familiar with ( particularly the recent changes) she quickly sought advice elsewhere and provided me with relevant/ accurate guidance.
  •  Alison has a fantastic support team. My case dragged on and at no time was this because of any delay/ error on the part of Alison and her team – they have a very effective system that keeps track of all their client’s cases.
  • I am aware of friends/ colleagues who would complain that their solicitor never got back to them and felt they were paying for a service they were not getting. I can honestly say that I never experienced any of this and I was surprised at how quickly any correspondence I sent or needed was acted on;  Letters/ emails were sent out usually within 48hrs of any communication we had.
  • Alison is a Mum herself and at all times does not lose sight of the fact that warring parents do not always make a happy child and she will be honest with you – I liked this approach and it indicated to me what her ethics were all about.

"All in all Alison puts herself 100% into your case and will provide the expert advice you need. Alison does not beat about the bush and is not in this game to make as much money as possible out of you. If you do not like what she says then you are probably going to spend a lot money trying to achieve the impossible."

“I found you more professional and realistic in goals than my previous solicitors.”

“I would like to thank Alison for being understanding and very professional at all times. It has been a difficult few months which have been made much easier thanks to her.”

“I am very grateful for all the help I received, I couldn’t have done it without you. I definitely wouldn’t have managed court without the help of Alison, so thank you very much.”

“Just keep on doing as you are – the level of professional service is fantastic. Very happy.”

“I could not have asked for better care or service. Alison is friendly, honest and approachable. An excellent service was provided and I would not hesitate in using/recommending BFL again. Thank you.”

“A thoroughly professional and efficient yet personal service was provided throughout.”

“Everything went very smoothly and very pleased with the efficiency.”

“Efficient, effective, straightforward advice with no hidden cost and friendly, welcoming surroundings and personnel. Thank you for all your help to solve this matter swiftly and efficiently.”

“A fantastic service was provided, not only have you been professional but very kind and compassionate at a very difficult time – I couldn’t have asked for a better service. Thank you so much to both Alison and Anneka.”

"First I spoke with Anneka who calmly took initial information and arranged a meeting with Alison. This meeting detailed the entire process and pitfalls and left me somewhat calmer and for the first time for months able to see a way forward. Alison’s undoubtable knowledge and expertise in the field of Family Law made what is, quite frankly, a horrible and stressful situation, far easier than I could have hoped and left me at all stages in no doubt where I stood and what was required of me next. It may sound horrible, but she even warned me of possible friction areas where my Ex would do certain things and she was 100% correct. But as they say, forewarned is forearmed and this made these awkward moments far easier to handle emotionally as I was able to prepare myself. I would rather hear it warts and all, good and bad, than walk blindly into the next emotional disaster. This itself is testimony to the level of service provided by the Team at BFL.

"Furthermore, the help given during the dividing up of assets and construction of a Financial Consent Order was tremendous. I can be a pushover when it comes to money, anything for a quiet life, but Alison’s guidance left me with a solution both the courts and my Ex were happy with and negated the situation some of my friends have found themselves in, that of an expensive battle through the courts. This has in no small way, resulted in my Ex and me still being able to talk to each other civilly and in time probably remain friends which is very good for our son – and of course us too. Most importantly it also left me with a fair share of the assets. So, how would I summarise what I feel about the service and help I received? Simple!!! If any friends, acquaintances or work mates ever end up in the awful situation I found myself in last year, I would wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend they contact Alison and her Team and engage the services of Barnes Clark Family Law…….I cannot thank them enough."

“I was very happy with the service provided. Thank you.”

“You’re all over it! I’ll use you again for my next divorce!”

“I found your service really professional and friendly from the beginning to the end, and I was kept informed throughout without having to chase things up. Thank you for all your help and support.”

“Excellent service all round, very pleased.”

“Keep the personal and approachable service, communication is the key thing and managing clients expectations re communication, costs, outcomes, time scales etc. Overall I was very happy with the service and felt everybody there was friendly and supportive of me.”

“Firstly, I would like to thank you and your staff for your support and commitment to achieving the best possible outcome for me and my children. I rang up or visited the office for meetings and at times I was in a pathetic tearful state, but everybody there was always friendly and took the time to listen and help me. Thank you very much.”

“Your advice was always good and realistic. I like the honesty to any questions I asked and the support you gave at what has been the worst time of my life. Thank you all so much.”

“Your service is second to none. Friendly, informal, down to earth and realistic. The support you provided to me personally was exceptional. Beyond being solicitors, you become a constant source of emotional as well as practical support.”

“Do not lose the personal touch. Thank you very much!”

“Thank you guys. Really appreciate your kind, friendly yet honest approach. Take care.”

“Many, many thanks to all the team at BFL.”

“From the initial phone call to yourselves I made, I felt that I had confidence in your company. Anneka was really helpful on the phone and was prompt emailing me directions etc. Alison was brilliant all the way through keeping me up to date. Thanks again!”

“Personally I needed a ‘running order’ so I could tick progress boxes and get a timeline in my head. We worked one out which was immensely helpful. All in all my divorce turned out to be as painless as possible thanks to BFL. I will not hesitate to recommend your services.”

“Thank you all very much for all your help and support over the last 12 months. It has been much appreciated for all your guidance through this difficult time.”

“Thank you for all your help and support through this difficult time.”

“Alison, thanks for everything you have done, you have been a rock.”

“Thanks to you my children can stay in their home until the dust has settled with the situation! Many thanks for the advice and your services. Hopefully, I will not need anymore help dealing with the situation.”

“Alison and Anneka, thank you so much for all your help. Emotionally I have found it difficult to deal with all the legal aspects. You have taken all that stress away but at the same time shown great understanding and care. You have both helped me to feel better about my self. Once again THANK YOU!”

“You were all brilliant! This was by far the worst period of my life and the most difficult time. You all went above and beyond the role of solicitors – you were friends and supports and I will always be grateful for everything you did. The best thing to come of this by far was that I made friends…you guys! Thank you lots and lots.”

“Alison, I just wanted to say a huge thank you! Would be lost without you and cannot tell you how much I appreciate your help.”

“Just wanted to say a very big thank you for all your support and advice.”

“Alison, what can I say other than I would not have got through such a dreadful time without your support, professionalism, kindness and friendship. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

“To the best solicitor from the worst client! Cannot thank you enough."

“Alison, thank you for everything you have done for me and my boys.”

“Your help was much, much appreciated! Thank you again”

“Alison, thank you for all your support over the last few months. You have been fantastic and I will never forget what you have done for me and my family.”

“To all at BFL, thank you for all your help.”

“Thank you for helping me and guiding me at one of my darkest times. I will never forget how kind you were to me and if I can ever do anything to help you in return, don’t hesitate to contact me.”

"I write this in part to say a huge ‘Thank You’ to Alison and her Team for the help afforded me during my recent divorce. I was in shock, upset and distressed when I found myself after 28 years being told the marriage was over. For months I didn’t know what to do next until a friend told me to speak with Alison; she had switched to her, also on recommendation, to sort out her own very difficult divorce where her initial choice had failed."

"Alison is currently representing me with a particularly difficult messy on-going divorce. I am aware that most are messy and difficult, however Alison has not only acted swiftly and professionally, she has been extremely supportive throughout and continues to be. Always offering excellent advice and sense! In fact I would go as far as to say that without her support the whole situation would have felt a whole lot worse. Alison is always at the end of her phone for her clients anytime of day and night which I find outstanding. Her knowledge of the Police Service helps to no end too. (There is no wool being pulled over her eyes!). I also have to say that Alison’s fees are very reasonable and worth every penny. I would definitely recommend Alison to anybody who requires any kind of professional family service."

"This suggestion was the best thing that happened for me during this horrid situation as from the first phone call to the issue of Decree Absolute their service has been ‘Second to None’."

"Now everything has been finalised I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your assistance over the past year, not only in your professional capacity but also in the manner you carried out your role. There were many times when I was being ground down by my ex partners lies and deceit and intransigence. Without fail after each one of our meetings you revitalised me and enable me to continue the struggle. If I hear of anybody who needs the services of a solicitor I will certainly recommend you to them."

"Since my first appointment with her, Alison has been nothing short of fantastic. She gave me the advice and confidence I needed to move things forward. She has been much more than simply a solicitor representing me. She provides the personal touch. Unlike other companies who often provide a different representative on each occasion. Alison has been there from start to finish and continues to update me about my case."

"I have successfully gained custody of my son through the court, and the divorce and financial matters are on-going. Due to a number of circumstances, I have also found myself in a difficult financial situation at this time and Alison provides excellent rates to Police Officers and has also helped allay my fears with regards to the obvious financial implications of matters such as these. Her service has genuinely exceeded my expectations up to now and I would strongly urge any Federation members who find themselves in a similar sad domestic position to myself to contact her to obtain sound family law advice and help."

"Sally is outstanding! Prioritising client education and empathetic support is clearly her strength. Sally’s professional approach to the management of each case is methodical, pragmatic and based upon a transparent and unwavering ability to apply the law in light of the circumstances."

“I would say that Alison speaking in a very down to earth way has helped me not only end this matter but also move forwards. The way I expected solicitors to be (stand-offish) was very different from the reality so a big thank you.”

“Many thanks for your help and assistance over the last few months. It was really appreciated and I am really happy to be finally divorced. Thanks guys.”


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