A message for Christmas…

Browndog Agency

Approaching the festive period is a time of frenzied media hype and excitement as supermarket chains and large retail brands compete to produce the most fluffy or glitzy Christmas advertisement.

Christmas is a hugely emotive time and not necessarily one which is full of mistletoe, cracker pulling and present giving. If you are having a difficult time for whatever reason the festive season can be very hard to approach with positivity and cheer.

You may be facing a separation, you may have suffered a bereavement or it may be the first year you won’t be seeing your Children on Christmas Day. If that is the case then it is important to look after yourself at this busy and frenetic time.

If you are arguing with your ex-partner over arrangements for your children, Christmas Day is one day, it will come around again. The thing your children will care more about than anything is that mum and dad don’t fight at handover and that they don’t have to hide the presents the other parent gave them or have to leave the presents mum gave them at mum’s house so dad doesn’t see them, or vice versa.

If you are still living with your partner and you know that separation is inevitable then seek some advice as to how best to approach the practical aspects so that when you do take the decision to press the button and separate you are doing so from an informed perspective.

In summary our message is that if for whatever reason (there may be more than one) you are struggling over the festive season then reach out and ask for help and support. There are lots of support organisations out there. Access them if you need to. Talk to friends and other social contacts. Contact us if you need any legal advice. We are open until 12pm on Christmas Eve and we re-open 9am 2nd January.

Stay safe and take the steps you need to, to start 2020 on a positive note or to ensure that 2020 is the year of positive change.